Swagman's Beef Jerky & Sauce

Rouse Hill local Doug Rowley has been coming to the Australian Hotel & Brewery since we first opened our doors back in 2010. Four years later Doug began experimenting with different recipe’s for his home made Beef Jerky and bringing them to the pub to share with the locals. This tradition continued until 2016 when Doug’s friends pushed him to register his business and start offering this awesome Jerky throughout Sydney.

What started over watching a game of football and a schooner of Australian Brewery Pale Ale has now grown into a thriving local business with his 4 styles of Jerky available in over 50 retailers Australia wide including the Australian Hotel & Brewery.

The secret to Swagman’s Jerky that makes this high protein snack so unbelievably tasty is Doug’s commitment to producing a traditional Australian Beef Jerky with top quality meat. Using a topside cut of premium Australian beef Doug is able to produce a lean jerky that grows in flavour as you chew along while staying fresher for longer without the need for preservatives as there is no fat to turn bad.

 “So often you pick up a packet of jerky at your local service station or supermarket and its just garbage.. so the reason I started making Swagman’s Jerky is to prove that real Aussie Jerky can and should taste awesome”.

Swagman's Jerky is marinated for 24hrs in a mixture of soy sauce, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce,  garlic and a selection of spices. You can pick up Swagman’s Jerky in its 4 varieties ( Original, Smokey, Chilli & Extra Chilli ) from the Australian Hotel & Brewery seven days a week from the bar.

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