On the first of August 2019, 26 year old local resident Nakita was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer after visiting the doctor with some back and neck pain. Nakita & her young family, who should be enjoying life are now fighting this devastating disease that is in her liver, large intestine, spine and causing inflammation in her lymph nodes.

Then on 8th August 2019 an extremely difficult & heart breaking decision had to be made so treatment could begin & give Nakita every fighting chance. Their pregnancy could not continue. 

Nakita is a fighter, so she can focus all her efforts on fighting this battle local resident Troy Robson approached the venue to assist in hosting Nakita’s Challenge.

The day was an absolute success with 100 Hot Rod’s and show cars, over 200 locals, friends and family heading out to the venue to support Nakita. Just over $23,00 was raised on the day with visitors donating generously on entry, purchasing a schooner form our Karma Keg, entering their hot rod to be judged and the biggest silent auction this venue has ever see as well as a cash donation of $3000 made by the venue. 

Energy throughout the venue and car park was at an all time high and the support and emotion the community brought to the day was second to none.

Click here to head to Nakita's GoFundMe page and make a charitable donation: