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The minute Max decided to brew for the rest of his life was after his compulsory service in the army in Germany for 9 months. Max did an internship in the town next to him and he fell in love with the process and possibilities and opportunities of what you can do with Beer. In 2014 when finishing his study he decided to look a bit further out and decided to look round the world of which he stumbled across the Australian Brewery and the rest as they say is history. Read our interview with Max now:

Age: 31

Where do you live? Sydney, rosewood

How long have you been brewing? 12 years.

Where did you study? Weihenstephan University of Applied Sciences

Course: Brewing & Beverage Technology

Degree: Bachelor of engineering

Where did you grow up? Lower Bavaria - South east.. Passau.. ruhstorf. It’s so cold in Winter when it reaches -15 degrees, but then can get super hot in Summer! Its the type of town where everyone know everyone, and somehow everyone is connected. The best part of the town though is the beer - the entire town celebrates beer - maybe that’s why I love it!

What kind of music did you like? I listen to everything.. listen to a lot of old 70’s psychedelic rock as well as german techno. NOT EDM! DONT RIGHT EDM.

Whats your favourite food? Not a Schnitzel as some might expect.. Pork Knuckle with Bread Dumplings and always a nice gravy.. a very Bavarian hearty meal.. with a a Munich Dark a very malty beer..

If you could describe yourself with one word whats would it be? Lovely! (he says smiling his face off)

What beers have you created that you are most proud of? Classic German Pale Ale’s.. our Brewery’s Australian Pale Ale.. very proud of this beer even though I did not create the recipe.. changed it slightly when he came in but mostly because its just a great beer.

Loco En El Coco - Banana and coconut and then Billie suggested Chai.

How many Breweries have you worked in? 3 in Bavaria and here

How long have you be with Aus Brewery? 2 and a half years

How long have you been in Australia? 2 and a half years

Favourite beer styles? Very Hoppy IPA’s.. In terms of traditional beers probably a Pilsner..

What is your inspiration when it comes to brewing new beers? Going more into the smoked beer direction and incorporating fruit to create smoked fruity flavours. Recently Max has been introduced to Sours and although very different to what they do in Germany he has been turned.

What is your favourite beer not by the Australian Brewery? WeissBeirBock

What are your hobbies? Riding Motorbike, canyoning in the Mountains and Surfing in the Summer.

You can meet Max at our next Brewers Shout, check out our Whats On calendar here for upcoming events

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