Another year, another GABS festival and what a year it was! If you are hearing the words GABS for the first time we won’t judge…much. GABS (now described as one of the biggest beer festivals in the world) celebrates the unique and creative world of Craft Beer in a festival that showcases Aussie & Kiwi craft Breweries and brings to life over 700 festival beers each year.

All of our brewers put on a 30L keg with an awesome response on all of them. Revenge of the Pith came back which was a fan favourite and had many customers early in the day asking for it. Loco EN El Coco - Our Gabs Beer this year is a hybrid of a couple of different beer styles described as a wheat NEIPA.. combining 2 styles to bring through different flavour profiles. Max Charlie and Dan were the brains behind the mix and seeing the brewers work together was great. Billie then suggested adding chai which completely transformed the flavour. 

It was like a family recipe that had everyone throwing something into the mix. All the different backgrounds from the Brewery team made the beer really work. The creative nature of craft brewing was really showcased not only in our brews but throughout the entire festival. 

It seemed the word of the day this year was ‘weird’ - check out some of the other flavoured beers that were produced by other breweries. Kangaroo flavoured beer swell and the winner of the day was Grape Bubblegum Sour! I didn’t get a chance to try it, but I’m on the lookout!

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